Forensic Resource/Reference Genetics Knowlegde Base


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What is FROG-kb?
What are the sources of data in FROG-kb?
How is FROG-kb different from ALFRED?
Can ALFRED be used to search data within FROG-kb?
What are the browser requirements for viewing and searching FROG-kb?
What types of SNP panels are included in FROG-kb?
What is an IISNP panel?
What is an AISNP panel?
What is a PISNP panel?
How should I cite FROG-kb?
How often is FROG-kb updated?
Do I need to have data for all the SNPs in a panel?
What is the effect of data missing for some SNPs in the panel?
What is ALFRED?
How do I interpret the resulting list of populations, probabilities, and likelihood ratios?