Forensic Resource/Reference Genetics Knowlegde Base

The genotype frequency files for all the AISNP panels used for the computations can be downloaded from here.

New Format - SAMPLE_UID is unique to each sample. ALFRED (UID Search) can be searched using this variable. In addition, the sample names in the new format corresponds to the names in "Population Likelihoods' table.

PanelGenotype FrequencyNew FormatAllele FrequencyPopulation Sample X SNP Count
Seldin's list of 128 AISNPs128SeldinAI_.txtSeldin128_alleleF.txt 70 X 128
SNPforID 34-plex 34PlexAI_.txt SNPForId34_alleleF.txt 53 X 34
KiddLab - Set of 55 AISNPs 55KiddLabAI_.txt55KiddLabAI_New.txtKiddLab55_alleleF.txt 139 X 55 (updated)
Kayser's set of 24 Ancestry Informative Markers24KayserAI_.txtKayser24_alleleF.txt 73 X 24
Daniele Podini's list of 32 AISNPs (29)32PodiniAI_.txtPodini32_alleleF.txt 111 X 29
Eurasiaplex 23 SNP Panel 23EurasiaplexAI_.txtEurasiaplex23_alleleF.txt 76 X 23
Nievergelt's Set of 41AIMs 41NievergeltAI_.txtNievergelt41_alleleF.txt 123 X 41
Overlap set of AISNPs 44OverlapAI_.txtOverlap44_alleleF.txt 72 X 44
Li's panel of 74 AIMS 74LiAI_.txtLi74_alleleF.txt 67 X 73