Forensic Resource/Reference Genetics Knowlegde Base

Welcome to the New FROG-kb

This new FROG-kb interface has all of the previous functionalities with supplementary reference material and "space" for additional documentation that will be added over the next few weeks. See Announcements for updates. New FROG-kb can be best viewed on latest Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Some versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible. If you come across any issues or have suggestions use the Contact Us function to reach us. "If you see something - say something"

FROG-kb seeks to make allele frequency data for SNPs and other genetic polymorphisms more useful in a forensic setting. The primary objective of FROG-kb is to provide a web interface that, from a forensic perspective, is useful for teaching and research and can serve as a tool facilitating forensic practice. The underlying data are housed in the already extensively used and referenced ALlele FREquency Database (ALFRED). The FROG-kb interface makes the information usable for forensic purposes, including computational tools for comparing user-provided data with underlying allele frequencies in populations. These tools are organized by the methodology followed and the different published SNP/marker panels available.

FROG-kb considers three types of SNP panels: Individual Identification (IISNPs), Ancestry Inference (AISNPs), and Phenotype Inference (PISNPs). IISNP and AISNP panels provide the ability to enter genotypes of an individual at multiple SNPs and calculate probabilities of that multisite genotype in each of several populations. The current PISNP panel is an eye color prediction function that provides relative probabilities of different eye colors. More information on each SNP panel can be found in Section 4.1 of the User Manual along with information on searching each SNP panel within FROG-kb.